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Working title: Urban Landscape (but open to other suggestions...)

Hey friends! I am currently working on another series right now that is currently under the working title of 'Urban Landscape'. I need help with the title though so ideas are very welcome! Almost all of the images in the series were photographed in Bellingham, WA, usually on my walks from home to my studio downtown. I am exploring the idea of the tension between the urban world that we live in and the nature that surrounds and, at times, is slowly pushing in the edges of the manufactured landscape of our city. This is a series that will continue to develop but I am also looking around Bellingham for a place to show this series. Any ideas? 

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Waxed Feet

I know, I haven't done a post since I moved into my studio space. But I have been playing with new ideas and processes. Experimenting if you will. Currently I am playing with encaustic wax and  loving it! I am also working on a series of photographs of my feet. I am layering wax and the photos together to create depth and texture. I love how hands on the process is. While it isn't an easy medium, meaning it has quirks that you have to learn and I am still learning, it creates a mysterious look that I am obsessed with. Below are the few that I have started putting together to try and get them up on a wall somewhere here in Bellingham, 

I started photographing my feet last summer. I was trying to figure out self portraits but with just a part of me in them. I found that I liked the images of my feet the most. And then thinking back, this was a view that I had been doing with my smart phone for years, just not consciously. Mostly in airports, or places with interesting ground. I now have found that it is an interesting way to document where I am going or have been. Maybe it is a bit of a thank you project to my feet for carrying my brain and eyes, and rest of my self I guess, around the world as I travel. 

Enjoy! Please comment with any feedback or thoughts!

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New Chapter

A little over two weeks ago, my partner and I packed up our lives and moved across the state. I am happy to announce that this move might have been the best thing for my art. Within two days of moving here I found a studio space to rent downtown at Make.Shift. AND there is a community dark room here! Could my little artist self be any happier? Well yes, add some chocolate, but don't worry, I bought ice cream!

Anyway, that's the big news. Cydni officially has a studio space and it will be open for the Bellingham Arts Walk in November. (Gotta give myself a little time right?)

I'm still setting up the space but here is a little preview for everyone! Head over to 'Recent Works' to see some new images!

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Seeing myself

I recently started doing a private mentorship with Doug Beasley. We have been working together for a little over a month and it has been really wonderful. I see myself looking at the world with more attention and awareness, and I have started carrying my camera around all the time as well. The last two assignments that he has given were self portrait assignments. First I had to do metaphorical self-portraits. This was a bit of a struggle for me at first. I felt like I was going out into the world and grasping at images and trying to make things work. I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. But then when I downloaded them and saw them on the bigger screen the images made more sense. Below are the images from that assignment. 

They aren't all perfect and some do feel a bit forced. But there are the few in there that worked exactly like I wanted them to.


The next assignment was to do a self-portrait with only a part of me showing. Maybe just a hand, or a foot, or a shadow. This was super fun for me. I loved wandering around my neighborhood looking for interesting ways to incorporate myself into the image. Below you will find what I ended up as my final images for this assignment.

And I found another image to go with the week before

And that is what has been in my photography world. I am hoping to start posting some images and thoughts once a week. So please check back and see what else is happening. And if you have any thoughts please comment!

Photograph the color red

Today I photographed the color red. I found it amazing what happens when we open our eyes and pay attention to one thing. When I pulled the card and picked up my camera I thought, "Red, red, I don't see that much red around town." And then I walked out the door and all of the sudden there was red everywhere. Leaves, buckets, chairs, doors, cars, signs. My town in covered in red. Beautifully spotted with it all over town.

Vision Quest Cards

This past September my mother and I were going to go on a road trip throughout the southwest. She had all these places that she wanted me to see and we had both agreed on a time to go. As the date approached we both realized we would be unable to commit the time that we wanted. So, instead we pulled up the Breitenbush Hot Springs web page to see what kind of workshops were happening. Almost too perfectly a singing workshop (for my mom) and a photography workshop (for me) were happening simultaneously. So we signed up.

My workshop was called Zen and the Art of Photography with Douglas Beasley as the instructor. I had never met Doug prior to this workshop but I thought, What the heck? Nothing to lose and only experience to gain. So I jumped into five days of what became going back to the beginning of my love for art and photography and breathing life into that again.

While at the workshop I bought a deck of cards from Doug. A deck of cards that he calls Vision Quest Photo Assignment Cards. Each beautiful card has a unique photo assignment printed on the back. I have decided that I will slowly move my way through the deck and post on this blog my thoughts about the cards (if any worth sharing) and some images from the assignment.

Time for a vision quest.