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Vision Quest Cards

This past September my mother and I were going to go on a road trip throughout the southwest. She had all these places that she wanted me to see and we had both agreed on a time to go. As the date approached we both realized we would be unable to commit the time that we wanted. So, instead we pulled up the Breitenbush Hot Springs web page to see what kind of workshops were happening. Almost too perfectly a singing workshop (for my mom) and a photography workshop (for me) were happening simultaneously. So we signed up.

My workshop was called Zen and the Art of Photography with Douglas Beasley as the instructor. I had never met Doug prior to this workshop but I thought, What the heck? Nothing to lose and only experience to gain. So I jumped into five days of what became going back to the beginning of my love for art and photography and breathing life into that again.

While at the workshop I bought a deck of cards from Doug. A deck of cards that he calls Vision Quest Photo Assignment Cards. Each beautiful card has a unique photo assignment printed on the back. I have decided that I will slowly move my way through the deck and post on this blog my thoughts about the cards (if any worth sharing) and some images from the assignment.

Time for a vision quest.