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Waxed Feet

I know, I haven't done a post since I moved into my studio space. But I have been playing with new ideas and processes. Experimenting if you will. Currently I am playing with encaustic wax and  loving it! I am also working on a series of photographs of my feet. I am layering wax and the photos together to create depth and texture. I love how hands on the process is. While it isn't an easy medium, meaning it has quirks that you have to learn and I am still learning, it creates a mysterious look that I am obsessed with. Below are the few that I have started putting together to try and get them up on a wall somewhere here in Bellingham, 

I started photographing my feet last summer. I was trying to figure out self portraits but with just a part of me in them. I found that I liked the images of my feet the most. And then thinking back, this was a view that I had been doing with my smart phone for years, just not consciously. Mostly in airports, or places with interesting ground. I now have found that it is an interesting way to document where I am going or have been. Maybe it is a bit of a thank you project to my feet for carrying my brain and eyes, and rest of my self I guess, around the world as I travel. 

Enjoy! Please comment with any feedback or thoughts!

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